Leaver & Gonzalez, CPA's
Certified Public Accountants & Business Advisors, LLC

We at Leaver & Gonzalez, CPA's offer a full range of professional accounting services:


  • Financial Statement Preparation: Certified Audits, Compilation and Review


  • Tax Return Preparation: Business, Personal and Estate


  • Corporate and Personal Tax Planning


  • Business Planning: Budgeting, Projections and Forecasts


  • Business Valuations:

   Purchasing or Selling a Business
   Establishing Buy-Sell Agreements
   Litigation Support
   Estate Planning
  • Management Consulting and Trouble-Shooting


  •  Investigative Account


  • Non-Profit Organizations


Quality and Service is our bottom line. Let us help you plan your growth and reach your financial goals.

You are the most important
person in our office.

Timely Service


You deserve timely, personalized service. Our personnel operate as a team to give you the best service at the least possible cost. We are available when you need us – with personalized attention tailored to fit your needs.

At every stage of your financial life, a CPA can help you.

Your CPA serves as your financial guide, helping you to utilize your resources more effectively as you work toward your financial goals.


You'll find these tasks easier to accomplish with a CPA's assistance:


keeping your taxes at a minimum


satisfying record-keeping and report filing requirements


using financial and audit reports to make smart business decisions


achieving maximum success and profitability in your business


building your net worth through sound investing and financial planning


communicating effectively with bankers, lawyers, government agencies, and others connected with your financial life


planning for a comfortable retirement


preserving your estate for your intended heirs

Your CPA helps in other ways too

Computer selection and use


Business sales and acquisitions


Lease-buy decisions


Business expansion


Real estate sales and acquisitions


Projections, budgets, goals



Inventory control systems


Equipment purchases and sales


Insurance review


Pension and profit sharing plans


S Corporation elections

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